Marginalia hero


Fight against medieval monsters


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Marginalia hero is an arcade game with RPG elements where you play a young medieval warrior, who you have to try to help battle tons of monsters and evil creatures. All this with style taken straight out of medieval engravings and illustrations.

The gameplay in Marginalia hero is as simple as it is addictive. You just have to tap the screen at the right moment to hit your enemy. If you tap too soon or too late, you'll miss and the monster will destroy you.

As you defeat enemies, you can also earn coins. With the coins you get, you can unlock tons of additional weapons, as well as shields (that allow you to miss one hit), accessories, and even spells. You can unlock tons of content throughout the more than 200 levels of the game.

Marginalia hero is a really fun arcade game that stands out for its great (and original) graphics. It's an excellent title that perfectly combines a simple and addictive gameplay with more profound elements.

Requires Android 4.1 or higher